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SYMBOLE-OM-blanc Musicothérapie Sylvain Guinet

By listening to music with profound attention,
one starts a journey to meet oneself.

The music therapy proposed on this site is exclusively created by the composer Sylvain Guinet based on his experience, his trials in the medical field, and his musical inspirations.

Using various themes, Sylvain invites you to a journey to the "core of yourself". A destination where you will be able to let your buried pains and emotions emerge, discover yourself better, and move toward well-being.

The proposed themes last 15 minutes including 3 piano pieces (432 Hz) immersed in a natural 3D sound environment for a real sensory experience.


Close your eyes ... and observe


Do not believe in "everything" as do not believe in "nothing"

in this middle way lies the path of truth

Musico-spirituality uses the word "spiritual" to designate in music a quality of interiority, or elevation that opens up to much greater than your own reality.

Vignette Voyage Intérieur - Musicothérapie de Sylvain Guinet Compositeur

Interior travel

This track is not available on the website and can only be performed in the presence of the composer. If you are interested in a session, please contact him directly.

The audio track "Inner Journey" aims to align itself on the desired modified states of consciousness and allow you to go further in the spiritual exploration of yourself. Your reference system to reality, your filters, temporarily stop functioning, so that a "restructuration of consciousness" occurs on other bases, other filters, providing access, conscious or unconscious, to invisible or hidden aspects of ordinary reality.

Total length of the mp3: 25min

Music titles: Lake of Mist -Free destiny -Nuances of emotions -Consolation

Number of elements used: 5 out of 5 (Piano + 432 Hz + nature3d + binaural sounds + confidential element)

Headphones: - MANDATORY -

Copyright : Copyright © Sylvain Guinet

"Change means opening ourselves to ourselves, to others,
and change our perception of the world around us. "

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Location : Garnerans ( France )
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